Galaxy Life

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Follow the in-game instructions to better understand the nature of this game. Basically, you use your mouse as an overall interactive tool for clicking desired or designated icon menus for you to choose from. Click on the config icon to choose appropriate menu help or click on the full-screen icon to fit and see all the details of this game. Other options are provided above whether you want to send and receive free gifts, see your friends, invite people, see your inbox, check your battle logs and compare scores in the leader board panel.


You are one of the many creatures trying to live peacefully on a certain planet within one of the vast galaxies in the universe. But then an unwanted invader invades your peaceful planet and conquering other neighbors of yours as well. Their goal is to abduct starlings, which you too are one of this special living species. A rare kind of race that has an intelligence at par with what we, humans, have now, only difference is that these starlings are deadly at innovating war machines! Your task is to muster your skills at helping them build, rebuild, upgrade, colonize and conquer other territories! Welcome to Galaxy Life! This online game lets you experience the cuteness and yet manage warlike beings living in an online universe where, aside from side missions, you must battle humans controlling starling planets by defending from their waves of invading forces and attacking them in return as well. Various gameplay settings are provided inside the game. You register, or use an existing Facebook account to enable you to create, build and conquer this online game. If you felt like the game is taking your time, you have the option of buying advanced items to help you easily manage the resources needed for you to have an edge against your adversaries. But I bet you just want to play free, and if you get the hang of it, you might crave this game and to hell with waiting time and just show how much patience you have taking time amassing your full potential as slowly but surely game type you are going to be! You can invite your friends here as well, to be you ally or your foe, it depends solely on their decisions but it is yours that can turn the tide of this amazing mass starling online invasion game! Set your browser now and click this free to play game!

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