Deadswitch 2

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You can customize your controls by going to the control panel. Default setting: MOUSE to Aim and Shoot, A/D Keys to Move, SPACE BAR to Jump/Ascend Helicopter, Q key to Switch Weapons, E key to interact, R key to reload, CONTROL Key to Crouch/Descend Helicopter, F Key to use Attachment, G Key to Drop Weapon, Z Key to Command Squads, X Key for Reinforcements' Menu, C Key for Weapon Classes Menu and P to open Pause Menu Panel.


Welcome to Deadswitch 2. A real time combat action tactical game. Here you can choose between Standard game or the Survival game. You can also try on Betting to gain funds once you win in the Bet at the Menu panel. In this game, your overall objective is to win each match given. Gain an upper-hand at taking down opposing teams by utilizing your tactical ability in controlling the resources you have. Designate your team by giving strategic orders. Shoot enemies within range depending on the mode of weapon you have. Choose between 3 sets of weapons team class or customize your weapons inventory to suit your taste. A lot of challenging maps are given in this game making it way cooler to hang and play. There is a Team Death-match, Defender Maps and Capture the Flag for Standard Game. In Survival Game, you can choose Undead Survival, Basic Survival and Chaos Survival and battle against Zombies. You can unlock weapons and perks once you have funds and have gained the needed Rank Level for you to buy and customize it. Have fun soldier!

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